The New Up Tech Creek is Coming Soon!


Hi Folks

The Up Tech Creek podcast is in the “re invention” stage right now …

The first thing that’s going to happen is that the Up Tech Creek Podcast is going to become a podcast and a blog. That way I can publish content in any format that moves me and I can push information out to you more quickly!

A couple of things that prompted this move – Well one big one really – Host Gator – my OLD SITE HOST decided to start shutting down my sites due to ” potential “malware without prior notification and pretty much held them ransom unless I paid a 3rd party to “assist” me to clean them up. Well I didn’t need any help BUT that fell on deaf ears, and I spent days talking to these bozo’s ….

Needless to say they are no longer my host…. The next series of posts will allow me to document what happened so that I don’t make the same series of stupid mistakes again and share insights with you at the same time.

More to follow