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Hi there… my name is Rick … and thanks for stopping by…

I’m 60 year old… and 30 of those years have been spent as a manager of information systems, a systems integrator, an eLearning developer and a materials manager. Thankfully technology is my passion and my profession… and while that might sound cliché, in my case it’s totally true!

I live and work in ChicoCalifornia, I’m married and have two grown kids… I love to fly fish and travel with my wife

I started Business Learning Systems in 2001 where I design and develop custom eLearning applications and provide system integration and consulting services to both the private and public sectors.

One of the things that I have observed over the years in my travels when talking to clients, coworkers and friends is that while technology is here to stay, it’s changing and evolving so fast that most people just can’t keep up with it!

The goal of the Up Tech Creek podcast is to help you be a more informed business related IT consumer by helping you navigate the murky waters of tech, wade through all the BS and understand the jargon, so the tech can be an aid, not a hindrance on the road to your business success.