UTC 005 – Mobile Business Strategies That You Can Put To Work In YOUR Business…


Hi EverybodyThe Up Tech Creek Blues

Rick Nielsen here and welcome to episode # 5 of the Up Tech Creek Podcast! In this episode we will explore a bunch of mobile business strategies that you can put to work in your business…

Specifically we are going to cover:

  • Different types of mobile devices
  • The BYOD – The Bring Your Own Device Challenge of granting people access to your network via their phone or tablet
  • Cloud Storage, Networks and How It Relates to Mobile
  • Mobile Marketing and How It Relates to Your Local Business

These mobile business strategies can give you a jump on the competition!

  • AND … A change to the podcast… Given that tech issues can be downright DEPRESSING, I have decided to incorporate “the blues” into my intro and outtro music… with a bit of a “twist” … You’ll see!

Anyway – ENJOY! And I am going to do my best to get the next episode out SOONER than later…

In upcoming episodes we are going to be moving in a new direction… Specifically looking in great detail at technology projects that you might be considering or perhaps are already involved in and the specific steps necessary to fully leverage the investment that you have made or are thinking of making…

Over the years … going on 30 now, I have sourced and implemented mountains of technology! If there is a mistake to be made, I have probably made it, so you can kind of look at me as a “technology crash test dummy”! 

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UTC 004 – Android, iPhone and Tablet Security Threats YOU Need to Know About!


mobile security cautionHey Everybody!

In Episode # 4 of the Up Tech Creek Podcast, I’m going to discuss some security issues related to Google Android, Apple iPhone and iPad mobile phones and tablets…

When I first started producing this episode on Mobile for the Business IT Checklist, I thought that I was going to cover a set of general topics to assist those in business in understanding tablets and smartphones relative to marketing, communication, productivity and maybe security…

It’s interesting, and I have mentioned this before, that while a technology topic can seem pretty basic, once you start “peeling back the onion”, good grief can it get complicated!

However, “complicated” is not really the word that comes to mind in the research that I just completed… I am feeling ALARMED at what I found when looking at mobile security – specifically smartphone and tablet security threats!

Specifically in this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Which smartphones and tablets are most vulnerable? Apple or Android?
  • Which mobile device is more prone to actual security threats? Apple or Android?
  • What software can help you protect your phone or tablet?
  • What specific behavior can help you stay safe?
  • How technology threat history repeats itself and why the heck don’t we learn!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

VeraCode Blog – This is a great blog and the one that originally alerted me to the threats that are out there.

The 2013 Symantec Security Report – This report is FULL of valuable information!


NY Times – This Times article is the type of anemic reporting that most people are seeing

The Google Developer Site – Provides you with recent stats on how many Android phones on on what version.

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